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After signing a number of documents to purchase a unit (mobule home), Luv Homes attempted to deliver another unit of lesser value to my 70 year old mother. The actually pulled it up on her lot and commenced setting it up as if it was the one that she agreed to purchase. I called the office on my mothers behalf and strongly encouraged them to come and pick up the unit and deliver the correct one. The insisted that the correct unit was delivered.

I am certain that they made a mistake because I walked the lot with my mother and noted the model name and number of her final selection. The unit that they delivered was 12 feet shorter, different color, a used model, and not the one that my mother agreed to pay for.

I paid a visit to Luv Homes salesman, showed him my notes, showed him the model that my mom agreed to purchase. After his continued denial of any wrongdoing......I smacked the *** out of the salesman for attempting to take advantage of mother. He hid under the desk and would not come out. I moved the desk to get to him, he grabbed his phone and hid under the desk as he called 911 to save him.

There was no arrest. The following day someone from Luv Homes delivered the correct unit. Beware of Luv Homes. CROOKS!!

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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